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Jonna's mom, who I've come to know and love beyond a client in the past year, "Mama Sherrie", approached me about documenting her daughter as a sophomore because the regular school pictures that the school offers were so ordinary and boring. "She wants Kristin's art", Mama Sherrie told me. What an incredible compliment. Since hearing that from her, something has definitely shifted in me. I have my own style. People truly seem to be appreciating my work as an artist and that leaves me breathless; lying on the floor in a puddle of tears spilled from buckets of gratitude! Photography is so very personal to me. Often times I will see a mood change in someone I'm photographing and I immediately feel what they feel. It's in my nature to make people smile and laugh because I believe it's healing, so the majority of the time during sessions I'm making silly comments, at times inappropriate ones ;), and doing anything that will give me a smile out of someone. Happiness is contagious. There's also times during sessions where I feel my people just want to be quiet and not feel the pressure of being photographed so I back off and let them breathe and let them feel. Those are particularly my favorite photographs. When I see them for just who they are... my heart explodes. Jonna has the most beautiful smile, the most gorgeous hair and the sweetest freckles sprinkled across her nose and cheeks. I love her quiet and shy. I love her laugh and her happy. And I super, duper, freaking LOVE the hugs from her and her Mama. They feel like family hugs to me, something I desperately had to capture at the end of our session. I hope when the days are rough between Jonna and her Mama, when they're at each other's throats, they'll look at those photos of that embrace between them and remember just how valuable they are as individuals and how much they mean to one another. No hug will ever compare to a Mama hug. :)





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