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A peek into something I'm working on in hopes that it will flourish. This isn't something I see documented a lot in the photography world- the inbetween. When you have your family and home established but either can't have children or aren't ready to have children yet, sometimes your pets are your babies. I know mine are. That is equally as important to document as families with children. I want to put this out there because I feel like a lot of my "childless" friends, Nick and I included, who have fur babies would want them to be included in their "Us" session but might be hesitant about asking. Let me just say I am an animal lover; there is absolutely nothing weird or silly about having your fur children photographed with you, or even by themselves! Their picture deserves to hang on the wall, too.  

* * *

Lauren & Clayton have been parents to these two adorable fur babies since they were itty bitty. Motley is a sweet and playful 2 year-old Great Dane, who thinks she can fit in your lap. Crue is a spunky 6 year-old German Shepherd- Chow mix. I had a great time photographing their adorable personalities during morning cuddle time with their Mama & Papa!

Also pictured is a little peek into what I'll be forming my winter sessions around. . . the comfort of home. :)   



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Beautiful pictures for a beautiful family.
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