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There's so much I love about these four people. The Mama has been one of my best friends for the last 17 years. We've helped each other through heartache, we've celebrated with each other during the exciting times and had more random, crazy "Tink & Peach" adventures than I can recall. She always, always makes me laugh; a trait she has undoubtedly passed on to her children. I love the devotion her husband has to her and their littles. I love that he still looks at her with the same light in his eyes as he had when I watched them get married. I love her daughter's fingers because they are just like her Mama's. I love her son's little shy grin. This was my first time photographing them (shocking, I know!) and the first time they'd had family photos made since they got married! We roamed around Main Street in downtown Columbia on a drizzly Sunday afternoon, popping in a random hotel and playing around in an alley. While I was editing the alley photos, I noticed the Agape sign above Mama & Papa's heads and cheesed from ear to ear. Agape is an old Greek word meaning "selfless love". :)


Love the pictures love it's just all natural and fun and light
Karon Andrews(non-registered)
I had always thought that family pictures should be structured. You know, white shirts, blue jeans for everyone. All posed and smiling. That is until I saw these pictures. Nothing posed. Just family. Real life. Real smiles. Real,love showing through. I am Jons mom. Ambers other mama. And Brayden and Mason Re my grands. These pictures are what I see and love about each of them.jon and Amber finally sharing a quiet moment. Mason, that twinkle in his eye. Shy? Yes. But he is all boy. Brayden. Gwoing up. Still the little,girl, but not for long. Thank you. For making me see what was there all along. And now in beautiful, photografic memeories. You are a true photographer and artist. You talent humbles me.
Lisset Andrew(non-registered)
Oh my godness!! I absolutely love your work Kristin!! The pictures are amazing! You did a great job capturing these beautiful family! Love them and the pictures!
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