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Sometimes when you miss your friend and her 3 energetic little ones, you just have to do fun stuff like this- being a photographer and all. ;) I had this sugarplum vision in mind of an in-home Christmas vibe with littles in their pajamas. Enter Kacey's three babies; 6 years old, 5 years old and 2 years old allll full of energy and very different personalities! I love it. These were taken (all at my house) in a matter of an hour in between toddler meltdowns, sibling jealousy, dropped candy canes and toys from my toy box scattered all over the toy room. It got loud and it got messy at times, but that's just how life with kids tends to be, right? You just have to be still and breathe and train yourself to see the world as magical as these little guys do. I absolutely LOVE the ones that were taken in my living room of the girls dancing around. Behind the scenes: One of them grabbed my wedding bouquet, which of course made the other sister jealous and upset when it wasn't shared with her. I grabbed a lace curtain tieback and pretended like it was this magical thing, twirling around with it, and gave it to the little miss who was upset at her sister. A huge smile came across her face and she was back up and twirling around in no time! Also behind the scenes, little man would rather play with my dogs' toys and my remote controls instead of real toys, and, yes that is a huge tear in my couch. I could have easily photo-shopped it out but I chose not to. Why? Because life is messy, no house is perfect and what matters more than the mess is photographing moments authentically. :)  


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