May 14, 2016  •  1 Comment

Here are some highlights from the weekend with our 4 year old nephew. He has said some pretty funny things lately.

- "Those bricks have a lot of mass." (how does he even know what mass is?!)

- "Phew, I just need to sit down. My legs have asthma." (this stems from him asking his Papa to run around the yard with him and Papa replying with, "I can't Jonah, I'll start to have asthma." So in this 4 year old's mind, tired legs means they must have asthma!)

- "Aunt Kristin, I pooped again! It was little, you have to see it! LOOK!" (no more raisins for you, kid!)

- "Pretty please with sugar and cake on top."

I love the age of 4. It's so much fun and they tend to say the silliest things!




Melissa Ouzts(non-registered)
These are GREAT! You really captured him, and his silly talk is awesome, I love hearing children's perspective on things lol!
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