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There's few things I love more than photographing little ones from newborn babies to 5 years old. They learn so much in those first 5 years! For example, little Nora is about to turn 2 in a few weeks. She has just realized how big the world is and wants to explore every inch of it in, oh, about 15 seconds! I also love the fact that despite being in a pretty dress, she feels much more "herself" with bare feet in river water and muddy sand caked under her fingernails. It's a shame we grow out of the phase of, "So what if I'm in a pretty dress? I can still play in the woods and get dirty!". Also, throwing sand is so fun to this little gal! The photo of the sand falling from her hands, basically frozen in time, was a millisecond before she thought I needed some sand in my hair because, well, everyone else has some already!! :) You just have to roll with it. Besides, I'm totally use to having nature in my hair- whatever makes the kid laugh, right?!  

and thanks to Dad for making sure she's safe on the tree :)



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