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A few photos of my niece "hammocking" with her Mama last night. She loves to swing, and, apparently, push people for "hammock rides" as she calls them. I had my turn for a ride, at which point I turned to Ashley & said, "I gotta get me one of these hammock pushers!". :)

Elle at age 4

Her favorite color: Pink & Blue

Her favorite animal: Elephant

Her favorite movie: The Little Mermaid

Funny Things: (speaking to her mom) "Mom! I did a poo and it looks like a snowman!", "I'M made of water??? But I don't feel my water!", "But...there aren't any shoots in it." (in asking her to stop shooting the toy gun because it was scaring the dog) "Do you know any more 'dum dum' songs?" (as in singing dum da dum)



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