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"Life is the flash of firefly in the night.  
It is the breath of the buffalo in the winter.  
It is the little shadow which runs across the grass
and loses itself in the sunset."


Imagine going your whole adult life, up to your current age anyway, thinking the possibility of becoming pregnant and carrying a little life was pretty much never going to happen due to a medical condition. Imagine the struggle, the hurt, the disappointment, the constant glimmer of hope. I've felt those emotions deep in the pit of my soul many times. So then, imagine finding out you're pregnant (and not just early pregnant, VERY pregnant at 11 weeks along!). After a consistent workout routine at the gym with her husband, she kept noticing her tummy was only getting bigger. Never expecting that pregnancy was a possible cause, she decided to take a pregnancy test just to see. Indeed, she was pregnant! Two days later Kerri went in for an ultrasound. Most women go for their first ultrasound and see a tiny little blob that resembles a peanut. Kerri went for her first ultrasound and saw a baby with arms and legs moving all around even though she couldn't yet feel him. My mind was baffled when she was telling me this story! What an incredible way to experience the first sight of your baby!!

I've known Kerri for almost 10 years now. She is one of the kindest, most sincere and positive people I've met. Her story gives me so much hope. She's lived, what I consider, a full life up to this point. She's grown from her trials, she's found a loving and dedicated husband and graciously taken 3 boys under her wings. Kerri and Jamie are the type of people that when they look into each other's eyes, you can see how connected they are. They already make a great team as parents and partners. What a lucky little baby Austin is going to be to be born into so much love. I cannot wait to snuggle him and photograph him in just over a month!

Also, one more thing, when I first sat down with this duo to discuss ideas for their session, I asked Kerri if there was anything special they do together that she wants to remember about this pregnancy. With tears in her eyes, she said it's a way they sit together on the couch. Sometimes it's the little moments that mean the most.   



Pam hatter(non-registered)
I am so happy for you both. And you see the love between you both. Also love the name Austin
dawn Drake (sister-in-law)(non-registered)
These two have always amazed me with their connection and these pictures show that connection. Amazing job. Beautiful work!
Kathy Cleary(non-registered)
Dear Kerri
When our friendship began I was pregnant with Logan. You watched my journey, stood by me while I struggled with wanting to eat those donuts, tried to fit through doorways and sit in chairs~
You spoke to him each day in a motherly way. He always moved when he heard you! Then you held him, spoke his name and he turned his head to look at you when he was hours old!!
At that moment I KNEW God was going to bless your life. Each time you looked after him I saw the amazing mom you would be someday.
The look you had back then is still there! Being a mom to pets, stepchildren is very very important...but giving life and sharing it with the man you are a soul mate too is PRICELESS!
Thanks for sharing your special moments with all of us.
I will hopefully be able to see you all before your son is 13, I pray!!

Love and blessings for The Drake Family!

Stephanie Ybarra(non-registered)
The pictures are beautiful. I wish you, Jamie and the boys the very best. I always knew you were going to be a wonderful mother. You deserve nothing but the best. Congratulations Chica! Love you.
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