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Attention all you Papas and Father figures!

Now, I know most of you never look forward to being involved in a photo session, but hear me out! I've seen SO many things devoted to "Mommy & Me", but what about you guys? You are an important part of your child/children's life! You are always going to be the hero to your little one, whether you know it or not. They truly believe their Dad is the most amazing man on the planet. When they need strength, advice, direction, they'll come to you in a different way than they come to their Mama. Am I right?

You're their protector.

I want to do these Fatherhood Sessions to show just how valuable you Fathers are. I don't think you guys get the credit or recognition that you should!
Before you brush off this idea of how lame it would be, look at these photos below. They aren't photographs of you looking straight at the camera with a plastered-on smile, are they? Negative. They are photographs of you being present with your little one and having fun! That's what I capture! I am not the kind of photographer that makes you pose or be fake. All I want is for you to play with your kids. Play chase and give them piggyback rides. Hold their hand and give them a big hug. Go fishing with them or explore the river! (You know I can hook you up with a sweet river spot!)

They need these photographs in their life story album as much as you do!

Are you in?

These sessions are only about 30-45 minutes. You can handle the kids for that long, right?! ;) You'll receive around 30 downloadable images in a private online gallery through my website just 3 days after our shoot. Send me a message and we'll iron out the fine details!


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