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The last few days have been very relaxing; something Nick and I both desperately needed with all this house hunting and "adulting" going on! It's only been a month since we started looking for our own home, but it surly has made stress and anxiety take over our bodies like nothing we've ever experienced. We've been in this house for two years. We've felt the warmth and comfort of his grandparents' spirits here and for the first time in almost 8 years together, the place we lived in actually felt like home. Before this house, we moved five times in four years! We had no roots. We were seasonal transplants. 

And so it goes, seasons change. Years go on. Our time in this home, what I will always consider our first home together, has come to an end. We rooted here, though, so transplanting this time to our own soil will make for a much smoother transition. "Grow where you are planted", yes? So we shall. We've found us a home of our very own! I don't think that will quite sink in until we're sitting together in the new kitchen with the realization that for the first time ever, we are homeowners!

* * * * * * *

Here are some photos from the past week. That eclipse was something amazing, wasn't it? I cried, obviously, because I'm Kristin and over emotional about everything. We listened to The Dark Side of the Moon album, because you're not gonna not listen to that during an eclipse, right?! ;) 

We gave each other haircuts and walked the dogs at a local park. Mundane things, but things that I love about our life nonetheless. 





Carol Fortner(non-registered)
Kristin, sweetie... I love this post... the pictures of y'all in Grandmas house are priceless!!! I hope that some will be displayed in your very own new home!!
I'm so proud of you guys and excited about this new journey in your life... you know this is very emotional for me!!!
This is a big deal to sell our childhood home... we've so much loved you guys living there these past 2 years... I feel such a peace and warmth anytime I go there!!! Love you guys!!!
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