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My mind feels like it's been shaken up like a snow globe again. Thoughts fluttering around, crashing into each other before slowly falling down. Thoughts on us moving again, thoughts on business things like establishing your brand and how to market without fear, thoughts on digging deeper in my art. It's chaos up there in my noggin!

They say it's "bad for business" if you write too in depth about those intense thoughts you have and struggles you go through and share it on the same space you share family sessions and weddings. Something about it not being consistent with your brand and scaring  potential clients away. Woah- you mean I shouldn't let people see that I know what it feels like to push through the pain in order to find happiness? I shouldn't boldly share what's in my heart in hopes of bringing encouragement to others? 

I had to ponder that long and hard and I've come to determine that some rules just don't apply when it comes to creating something that you're passionate about.

My "brand" is who I am.

I'm passionate about capturing raw moments with honesty and grace. I believe in sharing what's in my heart out loud with others because, if you really try, you can find common ground with everyone you meet. There's happiness in all of us and there's pain in all of us. Why should I not acknowledge both in my art?!

Finding beauty in chaos, strength in pain, and love in all things; that's what keeps me going. 

And so, In the middle of all these thought flurries flying around in my mind, I was craving somewhere to let them fall and become still. My heart cried yet again, "Take me to the river!".   

*     *    *     *     *

When I need peace, when I need clarity, when I need to unwind, when I need to create, when I need to cry, when I need to feel the pull of something stronger than I, the river is where you'll find me.

many heartfelt thanks to my beautiful friend and fellow artist, Cory, for joining me for some art therapy!


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