I came across Kristin's photos while looking at thumbnail google images of my wedding venue. One of the small little thumbnails jumped out to me because of the gorgeous, vibrant color captured in it. I had to know who took the photo...Sure enough, it was the talented Kristin with Darling Lilly Photography! From the start, she was so fun and easy to work with. I'll cherish her work for a lifetime, as she captured and amplified my beautiful wedding day. I am so happy she agreed to shoot at my wedding and I look forward to the day she can capture my family when it expands.
Jessica Gable(non-registered)
Kristen is truly an amazing photographer! She makes the entire process so stress free all the way down to picking outfits for you! I love how natural and unstaged our photos are EVERY time! My kids (and I) adore Kristen and she makes it so enjoyable for them!
Kristin did an amazing job with our family. It definitely isn't easy with 3 kids to get good shots and Kristin got some awesome shots for us. I love how she was able to capture us in movement. I have known Kristin for a long time now and I love her to death. She has an awesome personality and is willing to work with you to make it the best for you. She was able to capture my kids which is a very hard task because none of them will sit still for a long amount of time.
Andria Wentz(non-registered)
This is my second time using Kristin and all I have to say is AMAZING!! I love all my pictures and she is so laid back that she just makes it fun and easy. She was more than willing to come to me and take pictures of my boyfriend and I. We included our horses in the photoshoot and Kristin got right on and went with us for a ride. Rode that horse like a champ! She really captures the more than just a picture. She captures the true feeling of love shared between my boyfriend and I. I can`t say Thank You enough to Kristen!!
Holly Hayes(non-registered)
Kristin is an exceptional photographer that is patient, and captures authentic moments that I want to visit over and over again. She has photographed my little children's feet, their dirty finger nails and tops of their heads -- things I never think to take a picture of, and yet really capture the beauty of childhood. She is extremely talented and is very patient, even with husbands who do not like their picture taken. I have used other photographers in the past three years in addition to Kristin, and my favorite photos of the past three years have all come from Kristin (running in a field, laying in our king sized bed together, at the lake, and in our front yard). The other photos of typical family photos are nice -- but they do not fully bring out the joy, laughter, and just pure magic of my family like Kristin's photos do. If you are interested in making an investment that you want to share, and just treasure over and over, I encourage you to consider Darling Lily Photography.
Kacey Massengill(non-registered)
My dear sweet friend, Kristin Boatwright is a wonderful photographer!!!! I'm not going to lie, since little man became more active, I was kind of stressed out about attempting a photo shoot. I swear this boy did NOT stop moving the whole time! And my girls were all over the place as well. One being a camera hog and the other pouting about it.. But somehow Kristin managed to capture the beauty in the chaos!! I think partly because she's just great at what she does, but also because she's such an incredibly warm and caring person who you can't help but love <3 Thank you Kristin for not only being such a great friend to me and my silly gingies, but for capturing these crazy beautiful memories!
Lauren McMinn(non-registered)
Kristin did an amazing job photographing my daughter and 2 nieces, all under 2.5 years old! The session required a LOT of patience and an eye for capturing the girls, both collectively as well as individually. My sister and I were beyond impressed with the photographs Kristin took and her ability to capture "perfect" moments during what seemed like complete chaos to us moms. Kristin was the perfect fit for 3 active little girls who wanted no part in posing for pictures. I'm bummed that we were just visiting family in SC, because I would use Kristin again in a heartbeat!
Jessika Johnson(non-registered)
Darling Lilly is by far one of the best photographers I have ever seen and I am so blessed to call her a friend! She captured everything that I love about my sweet boy and our wonderful family. She has been with us since Ethan was 6 months old and I would not have it any other way! She makes you feel comfortable and she captures the precious moments that you never realize are happening. Thank you for being beyond perfect and a genuine and beautiful person. She will definitely always be capturing our memories as long as she will have us!
Melissa Ouzts(non-registered)
Thank you, Kristin, for the sweet sentiments! Made me cry like a baby, and you told our story to the tee with your words and the pictures! YOU are the reason our day went smoothly and was captured so wonderfully! You have true talent!.. and if anyone is thinking of hiring my sister for a session, don't hesitate, because she will go above and beyond to capture whatever your heart desires! (And I'm not just saying that because she's my sister lol). She travels for miles to some sessions, and spends hours on end at others. She is very creative, (i owe a LOT of credit to her for helping me with decorations!), she is great at using whatever is already available in your surroundings, so not to worry about extra costs for background props. Not to mention her ability to work the lighting to capture the perfect scene! Thank you again for making our day wonderful, Kristin! Love you! :)
Karee Richardson(non-registered)
Kristin has a true eye for some Amazing shots! We just always have so much fun! Such a JOY to work with!!
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