I knocked on the Lee family's door before the children were awake one Saturday morning. "Mr. Sunshine", as Kate's son calls it, had already been up for over an hour and was beaming in the living room window with a lovely golden light. I absolutely adore the way Kate reads to them, pointing to each word as she reads it with little fingers wrapped tightly around hers.

Jerry and Kate are two of the most genuine, kind and straight up cool people that I have had the pleasure of meeting. They are driven. They are loving. They are overcomers. You know that saying, "Your mess can become your message"? It stands true for these two. They have quite a testimony that will remind you to just keep pressing on, never give up. God will provide in such a way that allows you to meet your goals above and beyond. It really makes me incredibly thankful that God has put them in my path during this season of my life.

Thank you guys for welcoming me into your home and trusting me to capture the beauty I see in your family. I know it may seem chaotic and messy with two little toddlers running around, but you have a beautiful thing there.