ART THERAPY | part one

Art Therapy : When you need self explanation because you can’t explain yourself.

I took these photographs of my beautiful friend at least 2, maybe even 3, years ago.

I was in a season of age.

Someone expected to keep it together, keep life tidy, happy.

Someone who also felt more alive with flowers in her hair and dirt on her hands than being pretty and sipping tea with her pinky up. Someone who wore dirt for blush and walked barefoot through mud.

I find that when you let go of the person you thought you should be and just love the person you are, beautifully flawed and one-of-a-kind, your feet feel more comfortable on the ground.

Planted with confidence. Not thinking about who’s blooming next to you, just happy to feel the sunshine.

Thank you to my beloved friend, Lauren, for supporting my vision and getting weird with me.