I met this family by divine purpose. When Nick and I were going through our infertility journey, my path crossed with this family who had just been through the exact same thing, feeling the exact same emotions we were feeling. I think this was the first time I had actually sat down and really bared my soul to clients I’d never met after hearing their own story. It felt right. They tried for years to conceive with multiple failed attempts and heartbreak. Finally, they were able to conceive through IVF. Going through my own journey in infertility, I was so deeply curious as to how they managed to get through all the pain and heartbreak. Simply put: They never gave up on Hope. They knew they were supposed to be parents, knew they’d get a baby somehow, someday.

Hope is a powerful thing to grasp but hard to hold on tight to. In the end, sometimes that’s all that gets you through things! Holding onto every ounce of Hope available and never letting go.