The most important details of a wedding aren’t found in sparkling white dresses or shiny shoes. They’re found in smiles, tears of happiness, butterflies in your stomach and being surrounded by everyone who loves and supports you. They’re found in heartfelt words like those that were spoken as Richard and Carol poured their own pieces of sand together in one jar. I loved what their pastor said when they mixed their individual jars together; he asked if Carol could pick out the pieces of sand from her own jar that she just poured in, and asked Richard the same. It’s impossible to single out everything from your previous life, measured in grains of sand, and separate it from your partner’s life once you’re joined together. You share your lives, the good and the bad, you lean on each other for every aspect going forward. It truly is my favorite thing to witness; the joining of two into one.

Here are some of my favorites from their special day.

P.S. You guys know me and my River Sessions, so when I asked them to come take pictures by the water, I never expected them to actually say, “Let’s just get IN the water!” Y’all know that made my day! ;)