A die-hard Lions fan from Michigan and a former hockey playing little shortcake from Jersey end up moving to this warm southern state, meeting and falling in love.

It’s always so intriguing to me when these meant-to-be moments happen in life!

I’ve known these two for 8 years. They are some of my best friends, so it was a complete honor to document their beautiful day! …I mean… it’s not like I gave them much choice in the matter! ;) hehe

I’ve watched them go through ups and downs, challenge after challenge. They always come out stronger and are always laughing; Jason’s laugh is my favorite because he’s a fellow loud laugher!

* * *

One of my favorite memories:

We were all camping fairly deep in the forest one time when Jason and Nick had to hike back to the car to get something. They were gone for about an hour, in the dark. Nicole and I are just hanging out around the fire, wondering what the heck they were doing. (no cell phone service, obviously) All of a sudden we hear this loud laugh echo through the forest and we say, “Oh, there they are!”

* * *

I don’t think I’ve ever seen either of them so nervous in all my years of knowing them.

It was beautiful.

“Where’s my Daddy?!” her voice shaking as the processional was about to begin.

“My hands are so sweaty” he said, wiping them before she put the ring on his finger.

I cried through the entire ceremony from the moment I saw Nicole walk out with her Daddy. He later said to me, “Why’d you have to do that?! (cry) She was fine until she saw you!” Hahaha! Oops! ;) Hi, my name’s Kristin and I cry like a baby at weddings.

Here’s some of my favorite moments from their beautiful day. You guys know I’m a fan of black & white images so obviously there’s going to be a lot below! ;) It would do my heart good if you really looked at each one that’s monochrome because those are the ones I deem as “memory preserves”.

also, here’s proof i actually put my camera down ;)


Bride’s Dress : Fancy Frocks | Bridesmaid Dresses: Lulu’s

Groom + Groomsmen Suits: Sears

Hair/Makeup: Studio Meraki

Venue: Segra Park

DJ: Dapper Global