I'm drawn to people who live unapologetically and who've been through some real tough stuff but have persevered with arms raised in strength. I believe photography is more than taking pretty pictures. It's a creative outlet to convey a message, a story; to bring healing, hope and joy. I want to show you just how beautiful your life as a family is, no matter how crazy of a dynamic you may have!

Hello! I'm Kristin!

I like to think of myself as a flower child of the Almighty. I'm a thrift store junkie, light seeker, hope finder and lover of all things flowery. I have 4 brothers and 2 sisters and am an auntie to 17! I'm married to an incredible man (Nick!) who shares my love of quoting movies and playing music way too loud. We have one furbaby; a beagle/husky mix and we are new parents to our baby boy, Everett, as of October, 2018! He was born the day after my 31st birthday! We've waited and prayed for this little miracle for 5 years & he’s finally in our arms and cuter than we could have ever imagined!

Nick and I love to go backpacking in the mountains and I tend to drag him on ridiculous road trips out west. I love that he makes my coffee every morning & opens biscuit cans for me because I'm scared of the "pop" they make! I'm a huge believer in and user of DoTerra essential oils. I don't wear perfume. I hate magic. I still watch Little House on the Prairie and cry every.single.episode. I prefer hugs over handshakes. Breakfast is my favorite meal. I cannot stand to be rushed or taken advantage of. I cry a lot- mostly over things that are full of love & truth (but also a lot over animals and old people). :) I'm constantly looking for the beauty in everything; the silver lining. I truly believe everyone that God has put in my path has been for a specific reason, and that has been proven time and again.