Investment + Experience

My main focus is on documenting the joy and love between your family, authentic moments of connection and capturing the essence of childhood with your little ones. 

This isn't a quick sit-here-and-say-cheese kind of experience. It's investment on both of our parts. I'm investing in spending time with you, getting to know you and your family dynamics. I want you to come as you are; the beautiful mess, the sarcastic husband, the energetic toddlers- bring it! I want you to show up without fear of looking "perfect". Can I tell you something? If you love your life and you think your family is already pretty perfect in your eyes, then it will translate as exactly that in your photographs! 


I want to show you the truthful beauty I see in the moments you may feel are complete chaos.


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I consider it a great honor to be allowed into a family's life and trusted to capture their dynamic in the most authentic and beautiful way possible. I like to start these family sessions at your house where I'll document the simple joys of how you spend time together. I promise I have a way of photographing that doesn't focus on the carpet stains or cheerios stuffed between the couch cushions, but rather focuses on the connection between everyone. Home is where you spend the most time together. Your house holds stories that will be told for years to come. I think it's important to capture your life within those walls so you'll have something tangible to hold onto and remember the memories that were made there. We'll end the session at a beautiful outdoor location where I'll take your family portraits and we'll adventure around a little bit. Once you book & pay the retainer (half of the session fee), we'll schedule a date to meet and start planning your session! 

2 hour session; includes 50+ digital images. $ 250



What a beautiful thing to document. Carrying a life inside of you is one of the greatest blessings, in my opinion. Allowing your body to change so that you can provide nourishment to someone you've never met is so inspiring. Then, to meet that little one in person, to be overcome with joy, that is such a wonderful part of life! Your Maternity session is scheduled during the 7th month of pregnancy. We'll spend about 2 hours together. Your partner/family is absolutely welcome to be a part of this, in fact, I highly recommend it. The Newborn session is scheduled to be done when baby is 2-3 weeks old. We do this session in the morning and at your own home. I bring all my gear to you so you don't have to worry about being inconvenienced by hauling everything in the car, only to forget the diapers! These sessions usually last around 4 hours, simply because we're on baby's time.  

4 hour session; includes 80+ digital images. $ 350

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Do I shoot weddings? Absolutely! I LOVE everything about weddings! The bride and her girls dancing around the dressing room, sipping pink champagne and doing each other's makeup. The groom and his buddies eating pizza, talking sports and waiting until 10 minutes before the wedding to get dressed. The mom who tries so hard to hold it together but lets the tears flow the minute she sees her baby girl in her wedding dress. The groom that stands so boldly in front of his friends and family and pours his heart songs out loud for everyone to hear how much he loves his bride. The "aww's", the "woo-hoo's", the continuous smiles and laughter and my gosh the dancing!!! All of it gets me every time and all of it I promise to capture for you!

Please inquire for full details on packages.

Pricing begins at $ 1,100