THE COSEO WEDDING at River Road and Jasmine House

These two... every time I see them together, they are smiling at each other. There's such a passionate love between them. It's funny how life works out the way it does, how two people find each other. Michael grew up in Pennsylvania and Teresa grew up in Florida but their lives intertwined in grad school at USC and love blossomed from there. They have such a deep appreciation for each other, always savoring the time they spend together, always showing kindness and encouragement towards each other. I'm sure everyone who knows them can agree with me in saying that just being around them does a heart good. Their smiles are contagious. :)  

The wedding day was absolutely beautiful. You guys know I am a huge sucker when it comes to love. Seeing how perfect two families joined together to support these two lovebirds and surround them with joy was just lovely. There's a photo I snapped during the dancing that perfectly sums up this day, if you ask me. You'll see what I'm talking about as you scroll through the images! ;)

Michael + Teresa,

I wish you an entire lifetime of love, happiness, patience and adventure! I'm so grateful our paths crossed; you have definitely enriched my life!