High school sweethearts and 10+ years together. 

Dedicated. Walking together in perseverance. Never letting go of the hand that's wiped your tears, felt your pain, brought you comfort and reassured you of the love they have pumping through their veins. These two breathe each other in and see the future in each other's eyes. They laugh and smile and play. Their strength is tangible, visible. Their song plays out in the dark spots illuminated by rays of light. A love that bears growth, embraces change. When there's hills to climb, they press on. They journey through this life together, hand in hand, hearts connected, their expanding family proof of their dedication. 

This is how I see them. 

One thing I love the most about being a family photographer is when families ask me to document their family year after year! When I first met these guys, their son was only 6 months old! I've documented his first birthday, listened to his vocabulary expand, his sense of adventure blossom, and now his last few moments of being the only child! I have to say, looking back through their old photos from previous sessions made me shed a tear or two. When I get to know a family, I adopt them in my heart and love them like family. Click through the images below to see how their family has grown!