Spring is officially here, as of March 20 (I'd been counting down the days since January!). We've already been given so many things for the baby! A crib with changing table, bumper pads with matching mobile, a pack n' play, high chair, some toys, an adorable vintage laundry hamper that has a giraffe on it (Nick is a huge fan of giraffes), blankets, bottles and a bassinet! There's a lot more that I'm leaving off, but basically I guess it pays to be the last in line to have a baby! ;) 

I'm loving how warm the weather is getting and the fact that I'll be pregnant through summer- that means I can wear alllll the dresses and be much more comfortable! Ever since about 9 weeks I've hated the feel of elastic touching me, minus the comfort of leggings. I haven't felt the baby move yet, although I have been feeling these "spasm/pop" sensations in different places in my belly...maybe it's the baby?! 

Nick talks to the baby all the time. His nickname for it is Littlefoot! Seriously, how adorable. I squealed so loud when he first said it. I'm starting to show more now, which means everyone wants to touch and stare at my belly. I'm trying to cope with this and enjoy it rather than be weirded out by it. I mean, it's the same way with people and pregnant animals; it's just their natural reaction to stare, watch them eat and want to rub their bellies. I suppose, in a way, pregnant humans are no different. 

We go back to the midwife in a few weeks and will get to hear the heartbeat! It'll be our first time hearing it! When I saw her a few weeks ago, Nick wasn't with me so I told her not to tell me when she heard it so the next time we can hear it together! I love having a midwife instead of seeing a doctor/nurse every month. I spend a solid hour with my midwife. She asks me about my health, what I've been eating, how I've been exercising, if anything is stressing me out, how Nick is doing, and makes healthy lifestyle suggestions along the way as well as educating us on what to expect in the coming months. A home birth has always been what I've wanted and that's what we're doing. More on that later, though.

We've started decorating the nursery. There's no specific theme because, well, we just aren't "trendy/theme" type people. It's just going to be very colorful. Of course, I had to paint the brightest room in the house the brightest color in the crayon box (sarcasm); I'm trying not to talk myself into repainting it a minty teal color instead of staying with this "Winnie-the-Pooh" yellow, er, rather, "summer squash" according to the paint strip. I think it just needs some more crap on the walls, maybe a tapestry or something. ;) 

I switched my prenatal vitamin to a whole foods based vitamin instead of the typical grocery store brand. It's packed with plant based foods as well as all the minerals I need. Speaking of foods, the only thing I really "crave" is a fried egg on avocado toast. All the time. I even had a complete meltdown the other week because none of the avocados in Publix were ripe enough to eat right away. I literally cried all the way home. Pregnancy hormones at their finest. Sleeping has become quite the adventure. Despite waking up every 2-3 hours at night to pee, I still manage to get that really deep REM sleep where my dreams are completely insane! It's time to invest in one of those body pillows and cocoon myself into some sort of comfort. I still see my chiropractor every 3 weeks. A fun new symptom is that my SI joint (or sacroiliac joint) has been giving me quite a fit lately, making things like standing, bending over, walking and getting out of bed a complete pain fest. Sigh...all in the name of love for you, little one. 

Nick and I take the dogs on walks a few times a week. Slow walks, like, turtle paced because hello belly and getting winded super fast! He's recently looked up "at home pregnancy exercises" and explains to me the way I should be getting my heart rate up. [insert eye-roll and all the grumbles here] I do wonder if walking more and doing a few exercises will help with this SI pain. Anyone have insight to this?

Okay, well that's all the ramblings I have for now. We should know if the baby is a boy or girl around the second week in May so I'll have another update around that time or after!