Nothing sets my heart on fire quite like photographing a family in their own home.

I listen for the stories. I look for their children’s artwork displayed like prized possessions.

I spend some time with them as they do what they love to do together.

One of my favorite stories that was shared with me is that on their regular family walks around the neighborhood, Mama bear always ends up rolling her son’s bike up the hill and, sometimes, even back to the house. Maybe it’s insignificant to most who would view these photographs, but I hope it carries significance to her. One day her baby boy will peddle all the way up the hill without help and she’ll remember to savor that moment because time sure has passed quickly.

I’m sure they’ll also remember stopping in front of a stranger’s yard to take a family picture because their photographer is a flower crackhead who makes them do random things sometimes! ;) Nevermind the fact that the bumblebees were busy pollenating that bush and I was sweating bullets praying none of them stung her son, who was already totally over taking pictures! ;)

This is why I love my families, though. We keep it real.

& this is why I love this family…& why I deliver well over 100 images to them because they allll have my heart!