Friday, January 18

I sat in the rocking chair this morning as Everett slept longer than usual for his morning nap. I left my phone in his room playing music and I sat down and opened the book my sweet friend had recently sent me; Lysa Terkeurst’s new book, “It’s Not Supposed To Be This Way”. 

God always has a way of showing up and speaking to me right when I need it. This morning, it was through reading a few chapters in this book and in reading a few short pages in little books of encouragement my Mama picked up for me at the grocery store. 

One sentence that struck me right in the soul was, “Trust My Timing.” 

Quitting my job to stay home with Everett, in the middle of winter- slow season for Nick’s landscaping job, was probably the biggest leap of faith I have ever taken in my life. But I felt peace about it. I knew losing my income meant we would be facing a huge financial loss. I also knew I serve a big God with big plans for our little family. I didn’t know where the money would come from but I trusted that He would provide. 

Let me refresh your memory here, back to the fall of 2017, to when I decided to turn our struggle with infertility once and for all over to God. Release what I could not control. A string of events happened so fast when I did that, namely when I was told of a book called, “The Circle Maker”. I circled my “office” room in my house every morning, hands raised in prayer and praise, asking God to either bless us with a child that would sleep in this very room or bless my photography business. 

Two months later, we were pregnant! 

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So this winter after quitting my full time job, I decided to circle this room again that dubs as Everett’s nursery and my office. Circling once again in prayer for my photography business and asking God to continuously renew my faith that He will provide financially for us. I pray for clients that haven’t even found their way to me yet. I praise Him for what He has already blessed us with. 

And you know what? In the dead of winter, I’ve had bookings. Clients have found their way to me. God has and is providing! 

The words on the pages I read this morning were speaking confirmation and reassurance that I am right where God wants me to be and to continue trusting in his timing. I wish I could share every word I read with you. Just know this: in your season of doubt, in your days that seem to be clouded with hopelessness and uncertainty, looking to Jesus for guidance will turn everything around. Maybe not immediately, but keep at it and you will see and taste how good God is! 

photograph of me by the ever-so-lovely Joy Prouty