One of my projects this winter is to photograph more indoors; attempting to find any sliver of light and just gravitate towards it. That's what we do, right? In the middle of a dark spot, we look for light. We cling to it. We find comfort in it and, if we try real hard, we find growth within ourselves.

It’s sort of surreal to look through these photos and remember the Mama as a little middle schooler who’s AOL screenname was “lipgloss” with some numbers behind it.

Life has a funny way of bringing old friends back together.

I was talking to my mom yesterday and telling her how, when we were going through infertility, I use to hate when someone would announce they were expecting and others would say, “Welcome to the Mommy Club.” Now that I’m a Mama, ( and actually thankful no one said this to me ;) ) I’m glad to be a part of this “club”. I thought I knew at least a little bit on how to raise a baby; being an auntie to like 17 kids, but I’m pretty dang clueless. I’m thankful for my Mama friends like this one.

She is a cloth diapering, DIY anything, milk sharing, healthy meal planning mom of three who, in my eyes, has got her stuff together, y ’all. President of the Mama Club, anyone?! Hah, I love you sister. I’m thankful for our friendship!