Well, I’ve been making time to take pictures with my “big” camera, but I’ve been pretty slack with blogging.

Everett laughs at Nick all the time now! He just looks at him and breaks out with this huge smile and laugh! I’m semi jealous of this because I have to work hard to get those laughs (for example, tossing him up in the air 20 times!). I love when Nick is home all day on the weekends because he holds Everett a lot and totes him around doing whatever he has to do in the house. It keeps Everett so quiet and wears him out so it actually is quite easy to get him to sleep without any fussing! Hah!! He really is such a good, happy baby. He loves to sit and read together and loves to look in mirrors. This has inspired me to start mirror portraits. ;)


I’ve literally sat down and tried to write this blog for 4 days now. Every time, Everett is not having it. So, before another week goes by, I’ll post these and let the photographs speak for themselves because I’ve got a sleepy baby in the crib behind me that needs rocking! ;)