According to the “medical model” today is my due date. Of course, we all should know by now that the percentage of actually delivering naturally on your due date is very low. It’s more like a “guess date” if you ask me! So, I’m here, patiently (read impatiently) waiting for our son to decide to come join us earth side.

I’ve been truly blessed with an easy pregnancy. I never got sick, he sleeps when I sleep at night and has never kicked me in the ribs. I’ve been able to stay active and eat good things. But, man oh man, these last two weeks have been rough! There is no such thing as being comfortable anymore. I know my body is preparing for birth but I’m sort of wishing these days away so we can get this show on the road! I’m ready to see his face and hold him and dress him in all the cute clothes that he’ll probably ruin with spit up and poop. Every morning, Nick reminds him that the word of the day is “O-U-T”! He likes to give him coaxing pep talks now about how it’s time to come join us on the outside! It’s quite funny but I’m honestly doing the exact same thing.

It’s hard to practice patience. It’s hard to trust that things will happen when the time is right.

I’ve had to do a lot of reflecting lately on the years and days leading up to finding out we were expecting. Those times were definitely a test of patience and trust, so I’m searching my memory for all the tools that got me through it in order to make it through this last leg of pregnancy. God’s timing is always perfect, even when we can’t see it. These moments are fleeting; who knows if they’ll ever happen again. Nick and I both never thought we’d be able to become parents so each week of pregnancy has been a celebration of gratitude, of wonder, of believing a little more in how good our God is.

Below are some photographs from the past 40 weeks. Some are from my cell phone so excuse the poor image quality. The first two are screenshots of the video I took when I told Nick we were going to have a baby. They are fuzzy but perfect. I’ll never ever forget that night.