Time is passing so quickly! Our little ray of sunshine is already 8 months old! He is so much fun now. So happy all the time, always laughing. He hasn’t quite got the hang of how to crawl yet but is pulling up on things. Poor Saber has learned what it means to seek higher ground when he is in his little car (walker) after getting bumped and run over so many times. He loves to chase her around and I’m telling you now, when he learns to crawl, it will be to her!

We recently bought a 10ft. inflatable pool which he seems to love. Shocker, right? I mean it’s a given he would love water considering I was still hobbling through the river and over rocks at 9 months pregnant! ;) He loves to be outside a lot, loooves to swing in the hammock and will often fall asleep in it whether he is tired or not!

I still rock him to sleep and I hope he lets me do so for a long time; although he has become quite squirmy! Around 6 months he really started saying Mama a lot and when he needs me now, if he’s in his car, he’ll pull up beside me and jiggle my pants! It’s the cutest thing!

His favorite foods seem to currently be pears and squash. He gets super excited when trying finger foods because he knows he is doing something Mama and Daddy do! He talks to Saber, also, which comes across as more of a yell/scream “AAAH”. He can identify eyes, ears, nose, mouth, Saber’s water bowl, Mama’s sunflower picture, owls, clocks, windows, outside, green trees, rattle, tambourine, chewy, the “circle” (cup holder) on his high chair, my watch and rings, bracelets, his green turtle and bath buddies, and probably some other things that I’m forgetting. I think he’s pretty dang smart! ;)

We visited his cousin in Winston-Salem back in March. That was an adventure. He slept most of the car ride, thank God! We have another trip up there at the end of July, which I’m excited for because he’ll be more mobile and playful.

* * * * * * *

Here’s some, aka a lot, of the memories from the past few months!