Back in March (I know, I know, I’m sooo behind on sharing these!), we made our first long trip with Everett up to Winston-Salem for his cousin Jack’s first birthday. He slept the majority of the car ride, thankfully. It was his first trip away from home and around new people.

it was particularly hard on me. I shed more tears than I’d like to admit, overthinking things as usual. I’m a bit of an anxious, worrisome mother. He’s very shy and we were still trying to nail down a “routine” of sorts.

We made it through and I became stronger and more comfortable; learning to go with the flow, so to speak.

They say babies feed off your energy, so I’ve really been trying to practice being more tranquil instead of nervous.

Anyway, here’s the photos from that trip. I cannot wait to go back up there at the end of this month! Everett is crawling now and likes to play with other children, so he and Jack will be having much more fun!

here’s a few iPhone snaps: