My sister from Kansas came down for a few days with her two littles and another one of my nieces from Georgia. I don’t get to see them much so when they’re in town, I do try to give them some squeezes even if it’s only for a few hours. I’ll take it.

You guys know I’m a huge lover of a good black-and-white photograph. If I could edit nearly every picture in monochrome, I definitely would be a happy girl. Funny how a colorless memory can bring so much emotion, isn’t it? :)

And, of course, I let my “littles” use my camera whenever they ask. I looove seeing their perspectives. At the bottom of this post are the photographs Gavin & Ada took. I only edited the colors. Ada thought about the scenes before she photographed them. Gavin liked to capture emotion. :) I really love the photos he took of me tickling his baby sister!

Ada’s Photographs:

Gavin’s Photographs: